Your Integrated Archetype is:
The Calm Connector
Aka: The Considerate Reflector and The Trusting Magician
YOUR OVERVIEW: As a Calm Connector, you make people feel cared for, safe, and valued. You excel at minimizing conflict and keeping the peace, and you have the ability to easily garner the trust of others. You are a great listener; people feel heard when they are with you. You are a steadfast source of calming energy, and you thrive when you are following your intuition. You have a caring personality, but you are able to stand your ground when it comes to something you really believe in.

Connecting people to products, thoughts, themselves, or other people inspires you. You delight in being the one who gives people the knowledge or opportunity to find a new path. You thrive when you follow your heart. Your ability as a Considerate Reflector to offer people ways to make their lives better draws them to you. As a Trusting Magician, you give people hope that miracles can happen, even to them.

AT YOUR BEST: You are gentle, intuitive, wise, and creative. You speak up when you have a strong opinion and accept people for who they are without judging. You are thoughtful, considerate, and able to connect with others on a very human level.

AT YOUR WORST: You hold on to physical things, people, mindsets, and ideas long after they have stopped serving you. You subordinate to others’ opinions and rules and lose your sense of a center. You are either passively stubborn and ignore what needs to be taken care of or you procrastinate and neglect what you know you need to do.