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Caring Perfectionist


Based on your responses, your primary archetype is Water and your secondary archetype is Metal. This makes you The Caring Perfectionist. Keep reading to get to know my recommendations on how you can become your best self and build harmonious relationships.

The Caring Perfectionist
Aka: The Sentimental Minimalist and The Adaptable Expert

YOUR OVERVIEW: As a Caring Perfectionist, you not only take responsibility for whatever you commit to, but you also put your heart and soul into it. You excel at learning from challenging situations and naturally create a new protocol for how to proceed more effectively in the future. You are a powerful source of both emotional and logical energy, and you thrive when you are put in situations that require you to be both creative and realistic. You have an engaging and charming personality, although maybe only a handful of people really know you. Connecting with others inspires you.

As a Sentimental Minimalist, you have the unique ability to show that you care without being overly emotional or verbal about it. As an Adaptable Expert, you are able to learn new ways to operate on the fly and can quickly master the ability to do something unfamiliar.

AT YOUR BEST: You are articulate, introspective, self-contained, and enigmatic. Although you are realistic, you are willing to think outside the box. You are also reliable. You like to know people and help the people you know.

AT YOUR WORST: You overthink and look for the worst, have unwarranted insecurities, and are too critical and cautious as a result. You can be possessive, and you expect the worst rather than seeing the possibility of good.

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