Your Integrated Archetype is:
The Dedicated Enthusiast
Aka: The Refined Superstar and The Gifted Wizard
YOUR OVERVIEW: As a Dedicated Enthusiast, you know it’s important to take time to contemplate any situation before you fully commit, but once you decide to move forward on something, you are unstoppable. You keep your standards high in all that you do and operate with heart and enthusiasm. You are a unique combination of someone who is a good listener as well as someone people look to for inspiration.

You have an enigmatic personality, and you love being respected and acknowledged for what you know. You are self-competitive, constantly striving to reach higher. As a Refined Superstar, you have a humble yet confident personality. As a Gifted Wizard, you delight others with your creativity at the most unexpected times, whether it’s a brilliant idea or a resourceful connection.

AT YOUR BEST: You are enigmatic and the perfect mix of reserved yet dramatic and conservative yet bold, drawing others in with your ability to gracefully entertain them. You are approachable and able to make others feel secure with you. You make quick connections that serve you later.

AT YOUR WORST: You are arrogant and overconfident, which leads to impulsive actions you later regret. You want to be in control, overdoing and overanalyzing everything, which drives others crazy and gets nothing accomplished. When you are worried, you become inflexible, and that detracts from your natural gift of creativity.