Your Integrated Archetype is:
The Efficient Producer
Aka: The Refined Warrior and The Disciplined Planner
YOUR OVERVIEW: As an Efficient Producer, you thrive when you find systems that accelerate your productivity. You excel at making things happen and holding yourself or others accountable. You can find the energy to do anything when it comes to what you believe in.

You are a steadfast source of energy to others and thrive when you are making progress and feeling organized. Your personality is such that you like to follow your own rules, although you are willing to be open and entertain what others have to say. Knowledge inspires you. You delight in learning new ways to do old things and excel at finding information to improve things for you and others.

People are drawn to you as a Refined Warrior for your graceful yet firm desire to come out ahead. As a Disciplined Planner, you begin preparing the moment you are certain there needs to be a plan, but you also can make changes at the last minute when you are confident of success.

AT YOUR BEST: You are kind, steady, understanding, and gentle. You take responsibility and operate well independently. You are good at taking the time to understand how things work and are able to push things to the limit to seek out the best or to be the best.

AT YOUR WORST: You are unforgiving, impatient, and intolerant. You lose your sense of humor when you are frustrated by too many obstacles. You end up thinking too much and are unable to decide, and then you get aggravated with either yourself or others.