Your Integrated Archetype is:
The Energetic Protector
Aka: The Pleasure-Seeking Diplomat and The Enthusiastic Giver
YOUR OVERVIEW: As an Energetic Protector, you are “all in” when it comes to taking care of anything you consider yours—whether a person, a project, or a cause. You excel at being expressive, engaging, and spontaneous while also making others feel that you are dependable and can be trusted. You are a positive source of nurturing energy. You thrive when you have the opportunity to build lasting relationships and create things of value. You have a naturally helpful and loyal personality, and you light up when you are celebrated and appreciated for your efforts.

Action is what inspires you. You delight in considering all the best options before taking a chance, but once you decide, you are unstoppable! As a Pleasure-Seeking Diplomat, you are effortlessly the ambassador of fun. People are drawn to you, and you bring them together for enjoyable causes. As an Enthusiastic Giver, you give whenever you can, and when you do, you give abundantly and joyfully.

AT YOUR BEST: You are strong-willed and competitive, while also understanding and selfless. You are the perfect mix of proactive and cautionary. Energizing and sociable, when you turn on your charm you quickly build relationships you sustain over time by making the people feel heard and valued.

AT YOUR WORST: You are stubborn, impatient, egotistical, and over-valuing of yourself but can also bend to please, becoming a doormat when you do not trust in your own abilities and values.