Your Integrated Archetype is:
The Flexible Rule-Maker
Aka: The Organized Professional and The Productive Authority
YOUR OVERVIEW: As a Flexible Rule Maker, you thrive when you are in a position to determine how things will get done while knowing that you have the option to change anything at any time. You excel at planning and action and have great strength in standing up for what you believe in, whether a person or a cause. You are an unwavering source of energy and thrive when you are able to achieve a goal or help someone else achieve theirs. You have a contemplative yet competitive personality.

Being in control inspires you, and you delight in being decisive (although you are not always so). You need separateness in any togetherness but will socialize if you have a role or a reason. As an Organized Professional, people are drawn to your methodical way of moving through to the finish. As a Productive Authority, you can seem lazy, but when it’s time to meet a deadline, you know you have the resources to make it happen.

AT YOUR BEST: You are decisive, productive, independent, and direct, yet also can be a great support and help to others. You are pleasant and can converse in great depth, but you are also good at keeping your feelings to yourself.

AT YOUR WORST: You isolate, worry too much, and become critical of others, blaming them for things outside of your control. You become picky and have expectations of yourself and others that are impossible to meet.