Your Integrated Archetype is:
The Focused Visionary
Aka: The Structured Intuitive and The Conscientious Philosopher
YOUR OVERVIEW: As a Focused Visionary, you can efficiently and effectively bring anything into manifestation when you see it clearly in your mind’s eye. You offer a graceful yet powerful source of energy to any endeavor, and you thrive when you are contributing with your extraordinarily creative mind. You like being connected to others but are selective as to who you allow close to you.

When something doesn’t feel right, you know you can make it better. You are loyal and willing to support anything or anyone who has gained your respect. You are considerate and thoughtful and shy away from conflict. When you are not appreciated or valued, you tend to disconnect. People are drawn to you as a Structured Intuitive for your ability to read situations for what they are. As a Conscientious Philosopher, you have the capacity to talk about concepts while still relating to reality.

AT YOUR BEST: You are firm and precise, yet flexible and understanding. You are resilient and able to come up with solutions even when under pressure.

AT YOUR WORST: You are detached, critical, controlling, and intolerant. You get emotional and then withdraw without communicating your true feelings.