Your Integrated Archetype is:
The Innovative Idealist
Aka: The Pioneering Adventurer and The Intelligent Charmer
YOUR OVERVIEW: As an Innovative Idealist you find ways to make things happen, no matter how unconventional your ideas may be. You excel at communicating a vision and implementing the system that makes it happen, often to the surprise of others. You have a way of getting people to buy into what you believe without selling it to them. As an optimist and a magnetic source of energy, you thrive when you are efficiently getting things done and drawing others into the possibility that they also can achieve what they want in life.

Although it may take you some time to warm up in new situations or environments, you have a warm, welcoming, kind, and engaging personality. Ideas and heart-centered living inspire you. You delight in making life fun, and you know that, with dedication and desire, it can be better. People are drawn to you as a Pioneering Adventurer for your fearlessness in being the first to try something a bit risky. As an Intelligent Charmer, you know how to help people move through their fears and embrace life in new ways.

AT YOUR BEST: You are the embodiment of action and movement. You serve others by lifting them up when they most need it. You are accomplished, fair, and productive, and are able to be a great source of encouragement and celebration.

AT YOUR WORST: You are egotistic, detached, indecisive, and scattered. You get anxious and fearful that you won’t accomplish what you set out to do.