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Based on your responses, your primary archetype is Earth and your secondary archetype is Fire. This makes you The Loyal Cheerleader. Keep reading to get to know my recommendations on how you can become your best self and build harmonious relationships.

The Loyal Cheerleader
Aka: The Responsible Fun-Lover and The Devoted Hero

YOUR OVERVIEW: As a Loyal Cheerleader, once you decide to commit to a person, project, event, or cause, you put your energy into it and stay devoted to the end. You excel at understanding the needs of others and have the ability to rally resources and offer positive encouragement to help others feel secure. You intuitively know how to make people feel better and are a steadfast and vibrant source of energy. You thrive when you are enthusiastically working towards a goal. Others turn to you when they need someone who is encouraging and understanding.

Being in harmony with others energizes you, and when there is no conflict and you are in a state of balance, you are tireless in pursuit of your goals. As a Responsible Fun-Lover, you’re the perfect mix of adult and child—you love having fun but make sure that no one is left out or uncomfortable with the activity. As a Devoted Hero, you consistently show others that you are looking out for them, constantly saving the day by showing support when it is most needed.

AT YOUR BEST: You are tactful and self-sufficient, mindful, organized, and logical, yet still willing to go out on a limb, take a chance on life, and take advantage of unexpected opportunities. You can be in the spotlight if you have to be and yet are perfectly willing to be a silent support.

AT YOUR WORST: You are scattered and indecisive. You play the martyr and overextend yourself. You become over-anxious about minor things, get stuck, feeling unable to move forward.

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