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Masterful Ally


Based on your responses, your primary archetype is Metal and your secondary archetype is Earth. This makes you The Masterful Ally. Keep reading to get to know my recommendations on how you can become your best self and build harmonious relationships.

The Masterful Ally
Aka: The Competent Helper and The Reserved Mediator

YOUR OVERVIEW: As a Masterful Ally, you are a strong supporter of any person, project, or cause to which you have committed, and you do what it takes to move things toward manifestation, even in the face of obstacles. Since personal glory is not your objective, you naturally take others into consideration in all you do. You like to accomplish what you feel responsible for, and you thrive when you are able to set a routine that can reduce risk. Your contemplative yet caring nature makes people feel safe with you.

You are a loyal source of energy, and you like to be well prepared. Even when things are chaotic, though, you maintain a steady demeanor and help everyone stay grounded. You delight in situations where everyone agrees. People are drawn to you as a Competent Helper for your dependability. As a Reserved Mediator, you are called upon as someone who can respond to problems and times of crisis with calm and careful reasoning.

AT YOUR BEST: You are kind, helpful, and considerate. You show others you care, yet you are able to hold your boundaries well and not over-give of your time and energy. You are reliable, do things efficiently, and are comfortable spending time alone in contemplation as well as with others that you care about.

AT YOUR WORST: You are picky, controlling, stubborn, and dismissive. You worry too much and overprepare unnecessarily. You internalize your anger and build up resentment over time because you don’t communicate your feelings. You can get stuck in a rut for a very long time.

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