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Patient Speedster


Based on your responses, your primary archetype is Earth and your secondary archetype is Wood. This makes you The Patient Speedster. Keep reading to get to know my recommendations on how you can become your best self and build harmonious relationships.

The Patient Speedster
Aka: The Faithful Communicator and The Grounded Inventor

YOUR OVERVIEW: As a Patient Speedster, before you do anything important, even if you feel like you can’t wait, you consider everything and move forward only when you are comfortable with the path. You excel at commitment and organization and will do everything it takes to make sure you’ve anticipated and planned for the unknown. You are a steady source of upbeat energy and thrive when you feel safe and secure. Although conservative in some ways, you are willing to take calculated risks. You have a warm, caring, and engaging personality, but you can go into “all-business” mode when you need to.

Progress and productivity inspire you. You delight in creating new out of old. You know that your greatest value lies in being realistic, yet optimistic. Your loyalty and dedication as a Faithful Communicator draw people to you. As a Grounded Inventor, you think outside the box, but do it in a way that makes people feel safe with your ideas.

AT YOUR BEST: You are adaptable, yet systematic and organized and extremely productive. You are calm, dependable, and supportive and are able to provide a safe place for others to confide in you. You are able to provide wise insight and direction when ideas are needed.

AT YOUR WORST: You procrastinate, get stuck in a rut, and become frustrated with yourself for not changing in a way you know is good for you. You worry excessively about situations, don’t speak up when you are angry, and over-accommodate to keep the peace.

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