Your Integrated Archetype is:
The Reflective Confidant
Aka: The Endearing Peacemaker and The Nurturing Ambassador
YOUR OVERVIEW: People gravitate toward your ability as a Reflective Confidant to make them feel at ease. You are patient and practical, yet able to move towards your goals and manifest results. You excel at listening and relating to others and rarely hesitate to jump in when help is needed. You hold the space of calmness for others when they are in transition and provide unconditional support. People naturally trust you. You have a wonderful way of making everyone in the room feel loved and cherished.

Building connections, experiencing love, and belonging inspire you. You delight in cooperation and collaboration and tend to be a giver when push comes to shove. You also move at your own pace (a bit slower than average.) As an Endearing Peacemaker, you keep the peace with family and friends. As a Nurturing Ambassador, you show a high level of loyalty to those close to you, and you instinctively put energy into nurturing and growing relationships.

AT YOUR BEST: You are loyal, considerate, and caring, yet also persistent and tenacious. You are incredibly creative and have the stamina to bring projects to fruition. You are decisive and calm, go with the flow, and follow your intuition.

AT YOUR WORST: You are stubborn, emotional, defensive, and over-sensitive. You hold on to the past for fear of what the future brings. You are lazy. You procrastinate. You worry excessively and tend to either overeat or overdo. You say what you think people want to hear and don’t stand up for yourself.