Your Integrated Archetype is:
The Reliable Analyst
Aka: The Comforting Alchemist and The Dependable Thinker
YOUR OVERVIEW: As a Reliable Analyst, you prefer to take the time to consider all options before rushing into anything. You excel at reassurance and thoughtfulness, and you inspire others to do their best work. Soft-spoken, yet confident, you thrive when you are in control and are able to move at your own pace. You are level-headed and unfazed by setbacks, but you just don’t like surprises that throw you completely off track. You have a warm yet introverted personality and care deeply about the people close to you.

People are drawn to you as a Comforting Alchemist because of your ability to help them “magically” feel better when they are with you, especially when they are worried about something. As a Dependable Thinker, you are someone people feel they can trust because they know that you care enough to take their problems seriously.

AT YOUR BEST: You are caring and giving, yet also know how to set firm boundaries. You are incredibly resourceful, rational, and precise, and you love to share your ideas. You are methodical and steadfast and produce quality results.

AT YOUR WORST: You can be stubborn, lethargic, and overly critical. You become overly needy and uncertain and stop expressing yourself. First you blame yourself and then you blame others and allow resentment to build. You sway from over-subordinating yourself to others to being cool and distancing yourself.