Your Integrated Archetype is:
The Resourceful Creator
Aka: The Perceptive Pioneer and The Introspective Innovator
YOUR OVERVIEW: As a Resourceful Creator, you have the innate ability to envision possibilities where others see none and to create value seemingly out of nothing. You excel at moving thorough limitations. Because of who you are, you effortlessly draw people into alignment with what you believe in. You bring an invaluable source of it’s possible energy to any project and thrive when you are challenged to come up with ideas and produce with a plan. In any initial encounter, you are naturally reserved, yet once you feel secure, you take control and make things happen.

You love asking questions, learning, and teaching. Sharing wisdom inspires you. People are drawn to your strength as a Perceptive Pioneer as you intuitively follow ideas that challenge the status quo. As an Introspective Innovator, you take the time to contemplate possibilities and come up with new ways to do old things, inspiring much needed progress in any industry in which you participate.

AT YOUR BEST: You are creative, spontaneous, organized, open, and adaptable. You can dig deep into the unseen world of thought, intuition, and creativity and come up with ideas and manifestations that amaze all who stand witness.

AT YOUR WORST: You are stubborn, inflexible, detached, and non-responsive. You are defensive and insecure and will isolate yourself and hide.