Your Integrated Archetype is:
The Spontaneous Initiator
Aka: The Inspired Trailblazer and The Optimistic Doer
YOUR OVERVIEW: As a Spontaneous Initiator, you confidently take action on ideas and desires the moment they pop into your head. You excel at getting things started and have a way of mobilizing others to get going, even if they are not in the mood. You are an endless source of energy and ideas, and you thrive when you are on the go, getting things done, helping others, and being productive. You have an infectious personality, and people want to hang around you because being with you rejuvenates them.

Creativity, fun, and happiness inspire you. You delight in movement, growth, and spontaneity. You know that you can turn ideas into action. If you can improve the world at the same time, you are further motivated. As an Inspired Trailblazer, you draw people to you through your pioneering spirit. As an Optimistic Doer, you look to what’s possible and surprise people with your attitude of finding the positives in a situation, even if they are challenging.

AT YOUR BEST: You are courageous, self-motivated, and creative, and your life is organized in a way that others don’t really understand. You are dynamic and knowledgeable about many things, and you pride yourself on being able to do it all yourself, without asking for help.

AT YOUR WORST: You waste time on meaningless tasks, are quick-tempered, impatient, blunt, and quick to anger. Your impulsiveness and impatience lead to activity and movement that doesn’t get anything tangible done.