Your Integrated Archetype is:
The Thriving Manifestor
Aka: The Flexible Traditionalist and The Systematic Provider
YOUR OVERVIEW: Metamorphosis is your guiding principle as a Thriving Manifestor. You are driven by your desire to act and create change, especially when you know it ultimately helps others. Your enthusiasm and productivity are inspiring, and you excel when you are given free reign. Yet, you are also considerate and open to suggestions, allowing others to have input. When conflict arises, people look to you as the peacemaker, knowing that you can be the bridge and find solutions.

Togetherness, action, and harmony inspire you. You delight in working with others to move towards a unified goal. People are drawn to you as a Flexible Traditionalist for your conservative and realistic outlook, while they are also inspired by your ability to expand boundaries. As a Systematic Provider, you put everything in place to make sure that those you care about are supported in times of need.

AT YOUR BEST: You are strong, yet flexible, and you perform well under stress. You are caring, but not overly gushy. You cover a lot of ground when you feel organized, making progress like no other.

AT YOUR WORST: You think too much and end up not progressing. You become restless and impatient when things take too long, and you get obsessed with your To Do list.