Your Integrated Archetype is:
The Warm-Hearted Loner
Aka: The Dynamic Master and The Expressive Connoisseur
YOUR OVERVIEW: As a Warm-Hearted Loner, you enjoy spending time socializing and connecting, yet you also love contemplative alone time. You are a vibrant source of energy and thrive when you are being sought after for your expertise. When people get to know you, they see that underneath the fun and playful exterior is a person who is serious about life, has an analytical side, and maintains self-imposed high standards.

You fascinate people with your ability to remain graceful and composed under pressure. Connection inspires you—whether with groups of people or with bodies of knowledge. As a Dynamic Master, your enthusiasm and ability to learn things quickly draws people to you. As an Expressive Connoisseur, you openly share everything you are passionate about and are respected as an expert in anything that interests you.

AT YOUR BEST: You are dynamic, engaging, and outgoing, and yet you temper your expression with grace and style. Though generous, you can be analytically pragmatic and careful about how you spend your resources. You take risks that are quite calculated and have a steely determination about anything you put your heart into.

AT YOUR WORST: You are arrogant, egotistical, and judge others excessively for their shortcomings. Anxious, picky, and needing to maintain control, you tend to boss people around. You swing from being overly cautious to being unable to control your excesses.