Exclusive Team Building Experience

Unlock the potential of your team with a virtual or in person training with Alice, using her innovative assessment tool from her award-winning book, Master Your Superpowers.

Using this system as the foundation, team building transcends the ordinary, offering not just self understanding, but also a deeper insight into the diverse personalities that make up your team.

Feedback from clients have shown that communication barriers dissolve and productivity increases, as guided by the results of this unique experience.

For a concise PDF describing the Master Your Superpowers Team-Building, click HERE.

Master Your Superpowers is being used by these great organizations:

Why Master Your Superpowers?

From start-ups to global powerhouses like McDonald’s, organizations worldwide are having Alice facilitate training with their employees in order to harness the power of this simple yet potent system.

If you are interested in this training, please contact Erin at


Take the Assessment: Every team member completes a 10-minute assessment, receiving a comprehensive manual outlining their distinctive archetype. See sample HERE

Detailed Analysis: During the session, Alice provides an in-depth analysis of the team’s collective elemental dynamic, highlighting both strengths and weaknesses. See sample HERE

Visual Insights: Receive a scatter chart that clearly illustrates each individual’s relation to others within the team or company, offering visual insight into team dynamics. Here are the examples:

Feedback from Our Clients about Our Superpower System

I wanted to share with you my appreciation for your Superpower system. It was a fantastic session with the teams last week. I had numerous compliments – for you, on how insightful, simple and impactful the Superheroes assessment was. It was awesome to see it come to life and the language be used across the team to help on their personal and team understanding.

Kerri Petherick

Marketing Director, UK McDonald's

After taking the “Master Your Superpowers” class, Chiefs from the Honolulu Fire Department, Federal Fire Department, and the State Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting have powered up their team building skills. Thank you to Alice Inoue for leading the super session.

Wayne Masuda

Battalion Chief, City and County of Honlulu (HFD)

It’s amazing watching Alice Inoue take groups of strangers, break down their differences and unite similarities in only a way that she can – making team building seem so easy. She guides people to take a humorous but serious look at themselves and others; with the ultimate goal of finding harmony and happiness. She brings smiles to faces, aligns minds and sparks the emotions that make you WANT to make not only the work environment, but life, a better place.

Billy V

Radio and Television Broadcast Veteran, Billy V

Thank you so much for facilitating our team building session and sharing with us a wealth of information. I would like to let you know that it was a success not only because of what we learned but because all of us had fun! The “Master your Superpowers” session was most impactful. One positive feedback that stands out to me is “even if people don’t change, we at least know how to understand them.”

Cesar Topacio

General Manager, Windward Mall

Alice, it was nothing short of wonderful to be with you. Our entire team loved it! You are so terrific and the programs you have created are second to none. I will for sure be passing information on to industry colleagues. We will also be posting on social media.

Colleen Reyes

Partner, Island Style Innovations

Thank you so much for this amazing class. It’s things like this that will make this campus achieve a lot more. As a Fire you know my mind set about having (FUN) team development lol. But with our department down here you know Team development is a must. But what a wonderful class and idea. If there’s every a chance I’ll send some ideas over to you for more team development days.

Nancy Nakasone

Director HR, UH West O`ahu

Customization Options:

Custom Manuals

Provide each team member with a detailed, personalized manual, tailor-made to highlight their role within the team. This insightful guide offers a clear view of each individual’s interaction with others, and the mutual impact they share within the team dynamics. See sample HERE

Custom Merchandise

Immerse your team in the superhero theme with an array of custom merchandise. Choose from vibrant posters, themed mugs, element-colored wristbands, and Archetype ID badges to enhance the experience. Make each session a memorable celebration, reinforcing the key learnings and keeping the spirit of teamwork alive and thriving in a fun and festive way.

Superpower Wheel, Poster on Wall, Poster A, Poster B, Poster C, and Mugs.


How does your system compare to others like DiSC or Meyers-Briggs?

Just like DiSC or Meyers-Briggs, “Master Your Superpowers” is a personal assessment tool designed to enhance self-understanding, teamwork, communication, and productivity in the workplace.

However, what sets “Master Your Superpowers” apart is its unique and engaging approach as it is founded on the five-element system of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Each of these five elements is personified and further characterized as a superhero, complete with distinct superpowers and weaknesses.

This superhero theme not only makes the learning experience more enjoyable but also more memorable and “sticky.” This means the concepts taught will continue to be discussed and serve as a simple “language” for teams to use long after the training concludes, helping to reinforce and sustain the benefits of improved teamwork and communication.

What are some outcomes we can expect from the training?

Participants who have completed a session consistently report a significant positive shift in their interpersonal dynamics. One of the key outcomes is a heightened sense of understanding and empathy towards oneself and others.

Attendees find themselves equipped with a newfound language for communication, allowing them to interact more effectively and harmoniously with all team members, including those they previously found challenging to connect with. This naturally leads to a more collaborative and productive team environment, where individuals are less judgmental and more appreciative of the diverse strengths each member brings to the table.

Can I get a sample before we commit?

Certainly! If you and others in your organization are involved in coordinating the session, simply email Erin at We’ll send you a complimentary VIP link to take the assessment and receive your archetype manual.

Plus, we can schedule a virtual meeting with Alice to discuss your organization’s specific needs, ensuring the training is exactly what you are looking for.

How long are the sessions?

The duration of a session is flexible to meet your needs, ranging from a 60-minute basic, yet effective session, to an in-depth, all-day event. The more time allocated, the more modules we cover. Every session includes multiple breakout periods for team members to share, integrate principles, and enhance their connections.

How many people can be in a session?

Our program is adaptable to teams of all sizes, from intimate groups of two to expansive organizations of hundreds. For example, in our work with McDonald’s, 300 leaders participated, and we were able to offer a comprehensive view of the Customer Experience Division’s unique elemental emphasis, with customized sessions for teams in this division.

Will we need a follow-up session?

Follow-up sessions are not mandatory, but can be a valuable addition! They provide an opportunity to reinforce and review the fundamental concepts, ensuring the new communication language continues to flourish within your team. New team members can quickly get up to speed during the opening review, benefiting from the non-linear, modular structure of the program.

Can this be serious training even with the cartoon-like superheroes as the foundation?

Absolutely! Despite the fun and engaging superhero theme, the system is meticulously designed for accurate and impactful outcomes. The unique delivery ensures participants remain engaged, enhancing the learning experience and ensuring the retention of key principles.

What are some of the modules and topics covered?

This PDF has the full course! DOWNLOAD HERE.
Can family members or friends take the assessment to find out their superhero archetype, even if they are not part of an organization?

Yes, everyone is welcome to discover their superhero archetype! Direct them to our website, There, they can take the assessment and receive their personalized archetype manual for just $10. Alternatively, they can purchase the PDF of the book for $20, which includes a link to the assessment. The book provides comprehensive descriptions for all 20 archetypes, plus valuable insights on strengthening weaknesses and amplifying superpowers, guiding everyone on their path to personal growth and empowerment