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Superhero Archetype Quiz

Using the following scale of 1-5, with 1 being nothing like you and 5 being exactly like you, answer according to how you feel inside and where you are in your life now, not how you think you should feel or be or how you were in the past. If you come across a question for which you relate to both descriptions equally, don’t overthink it, go with your initial gut response.

5   Yes! Exactly like me.
4   Yes. Quite like me.
3   On the fence/not sure.
2   No. Not really like me.
1   No! Definitely nothing like me.

1 Your Info
2 Superhero Archetype One
3 Superhero Archetype Two
4 Superhero Archetype Three
5 Superhero Archetype Four
6 Superhero Archetype Five