Your Integrated Archetype is:
The Logical Visionary
Aka: The Steadfast Magician and The Determined Nurturer
YOUR OVERVIEW: As a Logical Visionary, you are adept at using your heart and mind in everything, and you excel at making things happen. Due to your inherently curious nature, you’ve amassed a wealth of information that you love to share with others when called forth to do so. You are bold and direct when you need to be, yet are also able to adapt and be in the shadows when the situation calls for it. When you feel accomplished, you are especially creative.

People trust you because you make them feel safe. It’s the way you make sense of life. Creativity, new information, and achievement inspire you. You will socialize if you know you have a role to play, but would prefer the company of a few close friends. People are drawn to you as a Steadfast Magician for your ability to consistently pull something out of a hat—your resources for information and people amaze them. As a Determined Nurturer, you place high importance on taking care of the people and things that have meaning to you.

AT YOUR BEST: You are a hard worker, swift and efficient, yet you know how important it is for you to take breaks. You listen to reason, yet also know when your intuition is guiding you on a path that will serve you better. Secure in who you are, you can trust that everything uncertain and undetermined in your life will ultimately fall into place.

AT YOUR WORST: You are inflexible, judgmental, and hypersensitive to criticism. You move confidently to make decisions based on fear or you go into worry mode and feel unable to make a wise decision.