This personality assessment will instantly deliver uncanny results that identify your archetype based on your two highest-scoring elements. We have personified the Traditional Chinese Elements (TCM) of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal. Take this 5-7 minute assessment to not only better understand yourself but to also optimize your relationships.

Are you the Calm Connector, the Logical Visionary, or the Efficient Producer? Take the first step towards a greater understanding of yourself and see how you relate to others with this fun and powerfully accurate assessment.

Individual Assessment – $20

Receive a detailed manual of your archetype, and a short video describing you.

Individual Assessment & Digital Book Bundle – $30

This includes a detailed manual of your archetype and a short video describing you. Additionally, you’ll gain instant access to a full-color PDF version of the book, Master Your Superpowers.

The book includes all 20 archetype descriptions, as well as the written form of the assessment allowing you to find out the archetypes of your family and friends. With this bundle, you have the full resource at your fingertips.